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KING PB-03 #6000 Sharpening Whetstone

KING PB-03 #6000 Sharpening Whetstone

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King PB-03 Sharpening Stone 




Rough / Coarse whetstones – Grit range: 200 – 700

Rough stones are used to repair damaged or chipped knives. Thus, they are also sometimes referred to as fixing stones. Basically, the bigger the chip or damage you have on your knife, the lower the grit number you want to use. Stones on the higher end of this range (i.e. 400-700) probably would not be used for repairing chips, but for sharpening very dull knives.

Medium whetstones – Grit range: 800-2000

Medium grit whetstones are used for general sharpening / maintenanace. These are the stones that you will most often be using, especially as a beginner. If you are not sure what to get, it is generally recommended to start with a medium whet stone around 1000 grit. Stones with grit on the higher end of the medium range also blend into the next category: polishing.

Fine / Finishing / Polishing whetstones – Grit range: 3000 – 8000+

Super high grit whetstones are meant for finishing and polishing. They will not make your knife much sharper, but are meant for more for aesthetic purposes (i.e. super shiny knives). After sharpening with a medium whetstone, a finishing stone is often used to remove fine scratches and other imperfections. Finishing stones can get very expensive as the grit level increases. Some stones list their grit up to 30,000! Just remember, a higher grit whetstone does not equate to a sharper knife.

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