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Stainless Steel Gyuto 210㎜ Full metal

Stainless Steel Gyuto 210㎜ Full metal

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商品名 / Knife Model : フルメタル牛刀 / Stainless Steel Gyuto
材料 / Blade Material :  VG5
刃長 / Blade length :  210mm
硬さ / Hardness (HRc) : 58~60
刃の形状  / Blade Grind and Edge Shape : 両刃 / Double Bevel Edge 50/50
柄材料 / Handle Material : ステンレス洋式柄 / Stainless Western Handle

※ 当店では店舗販売と同時進行でインターネットサイトでの注文を受け付けておりますので、購入可能であっても売り切れている可能性がございます。在庫切れや売り切れで発送できない場合につきましては、メールにて連絡差し上げます。 また、売り切れと表示されている商品につきましても、お問合せいただけば在庫がある可能性もございます。

* in order to accept the order at the Internet site at the same time as the store sales, it may be sold even if it is possible to purchase it. If you can't ship with stock or sold out, contact us by email. In addition, there is a possibility that there is a stock if the inquiry is made even if it is sold out and the item which is displayed.


* there is a difference between a photograph and a real thing on the photographing environment, and even if it is bent on the photograph, it may be actually straight. In addition, due to the effect of rust or oil, the film may be stretched on the surface of the product or may look like rainbow color, but it will fall by use.


*Please note that the images are of the sample products. Colour, wight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.


  • 刃こぼれ・破損の原因となるため、食品をこねたり、切る途中で曲げたりしないようお気を付けください。
  • 専用の庖丁以外での冷凍食品及び骨等の硬い食材へのご使用は避けてください。
  • 刃を長持ちさせるために、まな板の上で切る場合は、木製か柔らかい樹脂またはプラスチック製のものをお使いください。
  • 極度な加熱、急冷は鋼の性質を変えてしまう恐れがありますので、行わないようにしてください。


  • Please do not use the knife in a twisting motion.
  • Please use a soft plastic or wooden cutting board to protect the blades edge.
  • Please don't heat or cool rapidly as it may change the structure of the steel.
  • Do not use knives for cutting hard ingredients (i.e. pumpkin, frozen food, bone) to avoid nicked edge and cracking.*Except Deba, Aideba, Mioroshi, Ajikiri
  • Do not use dishwasher, dryer, or bleach to protect the knife.
  • Do not heat the knife over the fire.
  • Dry the knife well with a dry cloth before storage and do not leave it wet. We recommend carbon steel knives be used while wiping with a cloth.
  • Sharpness is gradually lost after every single use, so please sharpen the knife immediately once you feel the sharpness is being lost.

    配送 (*一部の国は遅延の可能性があり)
    海  外:配達所要日数3日〜14日程。

    Transport (*Some countries maybe delayed due)
    In Japan : Delivery takes about 1-3 days.
    Overseas : Delivery takes about 3-14 days.


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